Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Periods 5 & 7: Crash Course video - American Revolution

Period 5 & 7 - We finished answering the rest of the Declaration of Independence questions from "We The People" (aka - the questions in this post.)

We watched a video clip about the American Revolution from Crash Course and answered questions.

If you missed today or were unable to answer all the questions, watch the video here - on YouTube. While you're watching, answer the following questions. 

Crash Course Video American Revolutionary War

  1. What was the strategy of British at the beginning of the war?

  1. What advantages did Americans have?

  1. What was the most important battle? Why?

  1. Who was the American’s general?

  1. What did you learn about Revolutionary War?

  1. Why did the slaves join the British? What were they promised?

  1. How were the Native Americans affected by the Revolutionary War?

  1. How were women affected by the Revolutionary War?

  1. What was so “revolutionary” about the American Revolution?

  1. What did Jefferson call for a “separation of”?

  1. What was the difference between the North and South states?

  1. Why was it considered hypocritical?

  1. What were some of the ideas of the Declaration of Independence?

  1. What changed after the Revolutionary War?

  1. What does it mean “birth isn't destiny”?

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